Michael T Haas – The Benefits of Exercising

Michael T Haas is a venture capital investor passionate about health.

The absolute majority of scientific studies about exercise show how beneficial it is. Given the number of benefits a person can obtain even from mild exercise, it may seem absolutely extraordinary that the majority of people in the United States do not exercise at all. However, the explanation of this fact is very simple. Exercising and building endurance require people to get out of their comfort zones and experience discomfort and sometimes even pain. At the same time, the benefits of exercising do not appear immediately, which is why most people quit before the benefits even occur.

Working out has a powerful positive impact on health, energy levels, and both mental and physical performance. The publication of Kenneth Cooper’s book Aerobics in the 1960s was one of the reasons why people realized that sustained aerobic or steady-state exercise is the best way to get in shape, lose weight, and become fit.

Typical recommended exercise routines for most people include thirty minutes of exercise three to five days a week. Several recent studies have also found that very short periods of aerobic activity, up to sixty seconds, can also lead to positive changes in health.

Interval training is one of the best exercises for both physical benefits and the requirements of modern life for all kinds of people, including successful investors like Michael T Haas. Sprinting, walking up and down the stairs, cycling, and weightlifting all help increase and lower the heart rate.


Michael T Haas – How to Get Started with Minimalism

Michael T Haas is an accomplished investor interested in renewable energy, agriculture and minimalism. The best way to get started on the path to minimalism is to go through a phase of self-awareness and self-realization. Think about what matters to you, what you need, and what you don’t. Unfortunately, today too many people spend all their time chasing new things. They don’t stop to think about the things they already have, yet this is exactly what you should do. From clothes that we can’t remember wearing to an old laptop that is no longer in use, we all have things of minimal value to us that could be of great help to someone else.

Michael T Haas

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of the majority of your belongings. You can start with a challenge in which you pack some of the things and try to live without them. It is perfectly okay if you realize that you actually do need some of the things you thought you could do without.

Once you go through the phase of self-realization, create a specific plan. Use your time to get closer to living the minimalistic lifestyle. Take one step at a time and do not rush. Pick a day to go through your clothes. Try separating them into what you wear all the time and what you don’t need. Test if you have to. Take a break for a few days and then do the same with your furniture. Continue going through your home until you declutter it completely, even if it does take some time. This is one of the critical steps to attaining minimalism.

Finally, get to action and get rid of the things that you don’t need just like Michael T Haas would do.

Michael T. Haas – Simple Steps to Financial Security

Michael T. Haas, a Senior Partner in Direct Invest USA Holdings, LLC., is an investment professional with years of experience. He has also built valuable financial security for himself and his loved ones through intelligent planning, which is in addition to the large sums of money that he has donated to causes he believes in.

Michael T Haas

If the financial security of someone like Michael T. Haas feels out of reach to you, it’s likely because you don’t have a plan. If used correctly, the following simple steps will help almost anyone as a basic financial security plan:

Save – Saving your money is one of the best things that you can do for your finances. Having a decent-sized savings can help you avoid debt, or it can be a fun goal for when you pay off existing debt. Make goals for your savings, like going on a vacation, to motivate you to put more into it. If you have a hard time saving, set up an automatic monthly transfer so that you don’t have to think about it.

Expect the Worst – Apart from your savings, you should have an emergency fund and basic insurance. Your emergency fund should contain enough to cover three months of living expenses.

Plan Your Retirement – Invest in a Roth IRA, a 401(k) or both. These accounts let you prepare to retire, and they’re vital because no one can work forever.

Remember that professionals like Michael T. Haas rarely reach the top without years of effort, many struggles and several revised plans. Financial security isn’t an overnight achievement, but if you keep trying, you can make it an assured one.

Michael T. Haas – Beginner Investment Wisdom

Michael T. Haas is a financial and real estate professional with years of investment experience and success. Though the seasoned pros often make investing look easy and fun, beginners shouldn’t jump into the field without making sure that they’re well-educated.

Those with the experience of someone like Michael T. Haas will often impart wisdom such as the points outlined below to all new investors:

  • Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket – Diversification is among the most important investment rules, and it can be remembered with the classic adage of “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Your investment funds should be spread across different types of investments for the security. A complete stock and bond portfolio with global diversification is best.
  • Fees are Part of the Deal – Investing is rarely free. Investment professionals charge fees, as do investment platforms and other options like mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Know your fees before you invest and remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Taxes are Still Relevant – Taxes will likely have a big impact on your investments. When you cash out, you’ll have to pay capital-gain taxes, and various factors will affect how much you owe. For example, long-term investing is cheaper than short-term investing, and you can contribute to a 401(k) plan tax-free (until you withdraw your funds, that is).

If possible, look around your area for a seasoned professional similar to Michael T. Haas and request mentorship aid. Often, these businesspeople will happily help you begin your investing career through mentoring.


Michael T. Haas – Minimalism for the Win

Michael T. Haas is a driven professional with decades of experience and a track record of success. He leads a simple life with a focus on minimalism to guide him in both career-related and personal endeavors.

Michael T Haas

If your first thought about minimalism is interior décor, you’re missing the elements that often attract pros like Michael T. Haas. Consider the following first steps for living a minimalist life and you’ll see how they double as perks:

Save Money – Creating an emergency fund can simplify everything. Minimalists often place saving at least $1,000 above paying off debt so that, if an emergency arises, handling it is easy. This reduces stress and makes issues pass more quickly.

List the “Whys” – Many minimalists begin with a list of whys. This list includes all of the reasons that they wish to simplify their lives, and it can serve as daily motivation. Your list might include things like getting out of debt, hating your boss or wanting more time for you; whatever your motivators are, write them down. This helps organize your mind, motivate you and give you a heading.

Decluttered Work and Living Spaces – Decluttering your spaces makes them more functional and less stressful. Even if you start with just a small clutter-free spot in your home or office, and then expand it slowly, it can help you be more organized and less hectic from day one.

If you plan to incorporate minimalism into your routine, don’t begin be emulating those like Michael T. Haas. Instead, find your own way of minimalism so that it will best benefit your life.

Michael T. Haas – Exercise to Shape Up Your Career

Michael T. Haas, a successful venture capital investor, is a motivated entrepreneur who works to improve both himself and his career whenever possible. Like many driven professionals, one of the ways that he maintains both is through regular exercise.

Michael T Haas

It’s no coincidence that successful professionals like Michael T. Haas often have killer workout routines. In fact, the benefits of exercise provide a number of perks that can help you go further in your career. For example, by starting an exercise routine, you naturally do the following:

  • Oxygenate Your Brain – Your brain uses approximately twenty-percent of the oxygen circulated in your blood with each pump of your heart. Because exercise increases your pulse, it causes blood to circulate to your brain more frequently, which allows it to absorb more oxygen. An oxygenated brain is a healthy brain, and it might improve your memory or help you think faster, both of which offer obvious benefits in the workplace.
  • Increase Energy and Reduce Fatigue – A tired, low-energy businessperson is unlikely to keep up with energetic peers. Because exercise combats fatigue and increases energy, even in those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, it can give you more of an edge than coffee ever will.
  • Reduce Anxiety and Depression – Modern depression and anxiety treatments often involve an exercise routine, and with good reason. Exercise regulates hormones and, even in individuals without diagnosable conditions, it helps even moods and make people’s emotions more stable in all situations.

Don’t take the word of pros like Michael T. Haas on the benefits of exercise. Instead, try it for yourself. Follow a regular exercise routine – with at least 150 minutes of activity per week – for around three months and you’ll see the difference that it makes in your life.

Michael T Haas – How To Maintain Good Professional Relationships

As Michael T Haas understands himself, forming business relationships is only a small part of networking. The real work comes in trying to maintain those relationships so that they can bear fruit at a later date. This is something that many new business professionals struggle with, so try to keep the following in mind to make sure your connections are as strong as possible.

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Communicate Regularly
If you fail to initiate communication with your contacts or, even worse, ignore emails and phone calls when they come in, you are soon going to develop a reputation as somebody who can’t be relied upon to maintain new relationships. Make sure that you communicate regularly with the people in your network, even if it is just to check up on how somebody is.

Provide Something
Most business relationships are built around the idea of providing something in return for something else. As such, you need to be able to offer your contacts something other than your sparkling personality to keep their collective interest. Provide expertise, services or anything else that you can think of to help strengthen the relationship, but make sure you get something worthwhile in return.

Ask Questions
By asking questions of your contact, Michael T Haas notes that you establish that you trust the contact’s opinions on a subject. This can be vital for developing strong relationships, as it shows that you are willing to rely on your contact, which in turn indicates that they will be able to do the same of you when needed.