Michael T Haas – Introduction to Modern Minimalism

Michael T Haas is an investor who doesn’t spend all his money buying useless things. A lot of people today are busy trying to buy more and more things without stopping and asking themselves what it is that they are chasing and whether they need those things in the first place. They become so blinded by their obsessive desire to get more materialistic things that they end up losing their inner peace and tranquility.

This is where a minimalistic lifestyle often comes in. Many of those who are not familiar with minimalism confuse it with absolute simplicity, which is not the case. Minimalism is a lifestyle in which people are clear about what’s important and what’s not, a lifestyle in which things are prioritized by importance. While minimalism does include getting rid of the things you don’t need, it is not equal to simple uncluttering.

Becoming a minimalist doesn’t mean that you’ll have to give up all your expensive toys and luxuries. Living a minimalistic lifestyle does mean living like a person with no means. Minimalism is about living with purpose and being clear about what is important. It embraces the things that are necessary and creates a fine line between them and the stuff that you don’t really want or need.

Minimalism takes its roots from a number of places, including Christian books, Sharman Indian traditions, and thought leaders like Confucius.

The term became popular in the West in the mid-sixties and people started talking about the need to keep their lives and things in them simple, yet efficient. It was a revolutionary concept at the time when most of the people were looking to obtain more and more materialistic possessions.

Michael T Haas

Modern Minimalism is based on several very simple principles.

Own Only the Things that You Really Need

Today, even children seem to have lists of things that they absolutely need. Often these lists include the latest iPhones, iPads, and other things that people lived without for centuries. Minimalism is about not blindly following the suggestions of marketers who are always looking to sell the next new shiny thing. It is about asking yourself about whether you really need a new device, item, or piece of clothing.

Getting Rid of Clutter

You may be trying really hard not to buy the things that you don’t need, but even when you do, you will probably find yourself accumulating clutter. That’s all the stuff that occupies space in your home and your life without adding any value to it. Minimalists believe that clutter doesn’t equal to useless things. Sometimes it includes useless and empty relationships, people, and emotions.

The best way to deal with clutter is to know what you want out of life. Think about what makes you happy and what drags you down or doesn’t matter to you. Make lists of these desires, things, and emotions like Michael T Haas would do.


Author: Michael T Haas

Michael T. Haas is a venture capital investor. He is also a senior partner with Direct Invest USA Holdings, LLC. He has years of experience and is knowledgeable about the investment industry. He has been an investor for many years, and as a venture capital investor, he is always looking for new opportunities. Some of his investment interests include renewable energy companies.