Michael T Haas – How To Maintain Good Professional Relationships

As Michael T Haas understands himself, forming business relationships is only a small part of networking. The real work comes in trying to maintain those relationships so that they can bear fruit at a later date. This is something that many new business professionals struggle with, so try to keep the following in mind to make sure your connections are as strong as possible.

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Communicate Regularly
If you fail to initiate communication with your contacts or, even worse, ignore emails and phone calls when they come in, you are soon going to develop a reputation as somebody who can’t be relied upon to maintain new relationships. Make sure that you communicate regularly with the people in your network, even if it is just to check up on how somebody is.

Provide Something
Most business relationships are built around the idea of providing something in return for something else. As such, you need to be able to offer your contacts something other than your sparkling personality to keep their collective interest. Provide expertise, services or anything else that you can think of to help strengthen the relationship, but make sure you get something worthwhile in return.

Ask Questions
By asking questions of your contact, Michael T Haas notes that you establish that you trust the contact’s opinions on a subject. This can be vital for developing strong relationships, as it shows that you are willing to rely on your contact, which in turn indicates that they will be able to do the same of you when needed.


Michael T Haas – Pointers For New Project Managers

As an experienced real estate developer, Michael T Haas has been involved in a number of complex projects that needed to be effectively managed to ensure that they reached satisfying conclusions for all key stakeholders. Managing a project, regardless of its size, can be difficult for those who have never assumed such a position of responsibility before, so keep these pointers in mind to stand the best chance of success.

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Get To Know Your Team

Your project’s success is dependent on how well the people in your team are able to work together, so make sure that you get to know each individual. Not only will this give you a better idea of what motivates each person on the team, but it will also show that you have a human side as well, making people feel more comfortable when communicating with you.

Define Your Goal

Every project needs to have an end goal in mind, so make sure that you define yours as early as possible. You can then build milestones around this goal and start developing tasks that can be assigned to members of your team. If the project feels aimless, it is likely that motivation will start to dip, soon to be followed by productivity.

Communicate Well

Michael T Haas understands that effective communication is essential to the success of large projects. Make sure that you are clear and concise when giving instructions to your team members, plus be sure to understand the importance of maintaining regular and respectful communication with clients and project stakeholders.


Michael T Haas – Real Estate Investment Tips For Beginners

Though he now has more than twenty years of experience as a real estate developer and investor, focusing primarily on commercial properties, Michael T Haas still remembers just how difficult it was to develop a reputation in the industry and how hard it can be to make sound choices in regards to investments. These pointers should help any new investors decide how best to make use of their money.

Start Small

Jumping straight into large-scale commercial opportunities may seem like a good idea, due to the fact that they often offer greater rewards should success be achieved, but the associated workload may be too much for those who are just getting started with the industry. Instead, try starting small by investing in a residential property, so that you can get a basic idea for the processes you will need to have in place for larger projects.


The people that you meet are often going to have a big influence on your professional development and direction. More experienced investors will be able to offer you advice in addition to potentially presenting you with opportunities. Be respectful to everybody that you meet and take advantage of any opportunity that you have to learn.

Stay Logical

While it is important to have a passion for what you are doing, Michael T Haas notes that this should not cloud your judgment when selecting investments. Don’t let emotion get in the way of your business and make sure that you approach every decision that you make logically, having carried out extensive prior research.